Springing forth from SF's thigh, a new power couple is born: Savage Jew.

Wednesday, Ed Jew appeared on hyperbolic grandpa/genius performance artist Michael Savage's show, The Savage Nation.

Jew discussed why left-leaning views also deserve First Amendment protection and his decision to vote against Sandoval's proposed resolution to get Savage to use his inside voice. Along with his attorney Steven Gruel, Jew also blathered on about his own legal woes. (Maybe you've heard about them?)

Naturally, steam shot out of Sandoval's ears after hearing word that Jew went on Savage's show, saying that Jew "seems to be oblivious to a lot of things going on around him." Dude, totally.

On Monday, Jew will announce his plea on the nine felony counts brought against him, or drive while Vicodin swims through his veins, or slap a meter maid, or...who knows he'll do next!