No need to bury the lead: the Los Compadres taco truck that does business at Spear & Folsom is yummy. We enjoyed a rather large burrito there recently (pictured above with our fat hand, as to give an idea of the relative size).

Again, burritos = huge, and at five bucks for the basic model, it's not too hard on the wallet. We went for the sour cream, guacamole, and cheese additions on our al pastor (al pastor is our favorite now; thanks again, Dan)), and it was still $6.50 -- practically cheap for lunch in this part of town. Cheaper than nearby, non-mobile (and, in our view, inferior) Poncho Villa, as a matter of fact. The meat was tender and tasty with just a hint of tangy and sweet; the inside mix of ingredients well-distributed, the salsa was hot but not overly so -- we were really quite happy.

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