If you can’t wait that long we have two suggestions. The first is to read the interview below in which you will find that Will and Jonn have a lot of great suggestions about things to do and see in our beloved city. The second is to join Jonn, Will, and the Southern Exposure crew at a wrapping and launch party this Wendesday, August 15th from 6:00-9:00 pm at the corner of 25th and Mission. Which means that you’d be next to SFist fav (and as it turns out Will and Jonn’s as well): La Taqueria. Yes, the fates really do seem to be coming together.

How did you come up with the idea for The Thing?
We came up with the idea while we were at UC Berkeley’s grad program. We were both interested in the way text transforms an everyday object, changing it from something ordinary into something special. And we both wanted to find a way to explore this intersection on a much larger and yet more intimate scale.

Are you aware of any other art by subscription?
We took inspiration from places like McSweeny’s, Wholphin, and Parkett, and were interested in creating something in the spirit of these publications, but wanted to do something that focused more on objects.

How many people have signed up so far?
We just began and we’re at 500 right now, but we are receiving about 20 new subscribers a day.

Are you particularly adept at wrapping things in brown paper?