Rumors have been circulating, but we just got word that, yes, Mayor Gavin Newsom ended his partnership with actress and SFist's favorite commenter, Jennifer Siebel, a little over two weeks ago. Sob.

Why? We're not sure. Do we still believe in true love? Not at all. Do we secretly want Newsom to collaborate with Siebel's pal, Daphne Zuniga, thus the far-off chance of having a Melrose Place alum as SF's first lady? Oh God, yes.

Jennifer, we suggest a few body shots followed by an Ambien chaser to help get over the pain. Turn that frown upside down, kiddo.

SHOCKING UPDATE: FCJ reports that they're still an item, via a "BlackBerry message" from Jen. Hmm. We'll see. (Whatever, those two are done.)