KGO7's Dan Noyes has it that cocaine-and-booze-free Ruby Tourk has already written two chapters of a hopefully-soon-to-be-published self-help book, which will detail her “‘hitting rock bottom with Newsom after 20 years of alcoholism and coke use.’”

As you remember, while married to Gavin Newsom’s former campaign manager and best buddy, Alex Tourk, Ruby was also Newsom’s party pit-stop for a spell. (And there’s the most darling Facebook picture of her tapping away at her latest effort here.) This could be the SF must-read book of the year -- as soon as she finds a publisher for it, anyway.

Apparently, the book’s focus is on Tourk’s difficult climb out of the addiction ditch. But have no doubt; Newsom is the pretty vase around which this book is being built. And we can't wait to read it, get helped. Even Newsom's chief political advisor, Eric Jaye, said, “‘I wouldn’t stand in line for Harry Potter, but I’ll stand in line for that.’” Totally.

No word yet on its title, but maybe you have a few ideas?