Holy Cow, Bat Segundo! What do you mean you moved to Brooklyn?!?

Gah. A podcast that's truly fun, quirky, and valuable for fans of literature, this pseudonymously produced program made its home base here in San Francisco until only a few months ago. We were thrilled to come across the show's recent rash of interviews (six shows this month!), particularly those with one of our boyhood idols, Mr. Berkeley Breathed (of Bloom County, Outland, and Opus fame). When we contacted the show's proprietor to give him his deserved praise for landing such an interview, he informed us of his relocation. Alas. No more minor tiffs over who gets to interview who first at the Alternative Press Expo, Mr. Segundo.

Good thing this "Internet" knows few geographical constraints. In any case, in memory of a local resource that's moved east, let us point you to those interviews with Mr. Breathed, and visit the main site to access any of the one-hundred and twenty-three available shows in the vault:

Breathed, Part One
Breathed, Part Two
The whole shebang