Beloved Jennine from The Coveted writes here about how this year’s San Francisco Fashion Week denied her and other bloggers precious invitations to cover the event or (worse) any of its VIP, open-bar parties. Enough to drop your coke bullet into the toilet, right?!

Anyway, this isn’t all that astounding seeing as how SF Fashion Week is notorious for being a tad behind the times (New York City all but begs such bloggers as the Fug Girls and The Satorialist to attend its fashion-week shows), and doesn’t include more unconventional, forward-thinking, and other-side-of-Market-Street designers and guests. (They have improved over the past couple of years, but marginally so.)

In response to Jennine, SF Fashion Week PR director Dana Berry admits that "we have to limit what we can give out and must reserve them for accredited members of the journalism community, buyers and stylists." Makes perfect sense. And while that raises the exhausting and tireless argument of just how much overlap there is between journalists and bloggers, it should be noted that the many people interested in or working in style in SF (we are, after all, a major metropolitan area in California, inundated with the gays) don't just read SF Mag or 7x7. In SFFW's attempt to (understandably) come off as exclusive, it's also ignoring the fact that we're, well, San Francisco, rumored to be a computer savvy kinda place.

Image: San Jose Mercury News