While not at all sure what he talked on and on about with his guy-pal, because eavesdropping is just rude, we did manage to capture a sun-drenched and breezy Brown image on our phone while he busied himself with wild gesticulating. Also, the words "real estate" were (arguably) heard coming from Brown's mouth, said our inarguably wasted friend. Willie even checked out SFist commenter bedorable's XX-chromosome form more than twice, claimed her husband, while she relaxed in her old man's arms. (Oh, you saw it coming, didn't you, smarty-pants. Let's say it together, then.) See, you can take the San Francisco mayor out of City Hall, but you can't take...you know.

Also, after he got up to leave, we felt his chair's butt warmth. Because we're just that hilarious. And sad.