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San Francisco pop darlings Loquat are peeking their heads out from inside their studio tomorrow night to play a rare show at the Independent. They've been working on a new album with friends and producers the Rondo Brothers, who are also playing tomorrow night's show, along with Foxtail Somersault.

They played a brief set back in March at the Noise Pop happy hour, where they introduced some of their new tracks. They sounded amazing as usual, but we couldn't tell you how they looked because the place was so packed we shorties couldn't see a thing. Disclosure: we are also friends with the band. Whenever we hear Kylee Swenson's voice, it sends chills down our spines, and the band is so tight and lush and great fun to watch live.

So, get your tickets for tomorrow's show now! Or you can enter to win two tickets by entering our contest below. (You must be 21 to enter.) The contest ends at 4 pm today, and the winner will be notified before the end of the working day.

Check out Anthony Gordon's answers to SFist's questions below. Also, be sure to add Loquat on MySpace, if you haven't already!

Loquat w/Rondo Brothers and Foxtail Somersault | The Independent | Saturday, July 14, 8:30 pm | 21+, $12

How's your new album coming along? It sounds like you're taking a different direction than you did with It's Yours to Keep.
It’s going swimmingly, thanks for asking. I think the biggest difference between the new record and “it’s your to keep” is that we’re exploring a lot of different styles on this one. We’ve written everything from a Roy Orbison-meets-jangle-pop sort of a tune to a dub-inflected ballad that swells into this massive stadium-rock epic. We’ve got one tune on the record that sounds like Fleetwood Mac versus The Bee Gees versus The Smiths, but is much, much more dramatic than all of those bands combined. It’s like an episode of “Dynasty” with a pounding four-on-the-floor beat. We’re hoping this record will make you weep while you dance.

Also, this is the first time we’ve worked with record producers instead of doing it ourselves. It’s been great getting outside opinions and production ideas, but being able to focus on writing and performing instead of tweaking stuff in the studio has been the real cool thing for us.

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