A four-year-old boy drowned to death in the 2-foot deep section of the wave pool at Great America in Santa Clara yesterday. There were six lifeguards on duty at the time, but there are no age limits on who can use the pool. Authorities have not identified the boy, or said whether or not he was supervised at the time of the accident. This is the first drowning at Great America but not the first death -- the Chron lists the other four people who've died since the park opened in 1978 (one person hit by a roller coaster, two people fell out of rides, and one person was killed when two roller coaster trains collided.)

Vroooom! The Federal Circuit in DC has decided that the term "Dykes on Bikes" isn't offensive, and threw out a Dublin man's lawsuit trying to get the San Francisco lesbian motorcycle group's trademark application denied. In his papers, the Dublin man called the Dyke March "the Annual Illegal San Francisco Dyke Hate Riot," and said that men faced threat of assault during the march. At a march whose theme this year was "Health Care For All"? Assaulted with flyers about doing regular breast exams, more like! Yay Dykes on Bikes -- wear that tm symbol with pride!