Associated Press' Scott Lindlaw reports that at yesterday's federal building grand opening, as Nancy Pelosi was in the middle of playing the time-honored role of ribbon cutter, "anti-war protestors" audibly chanted such gems as "Impeach now" and "How about cutting the funding for war?" What's more, they unraveled a large banner reading "Impeach" in front of the day's speakers.

But here's the best part: master of ceremonies and Bush administration official, Peter G. Stamison, tries to snap back at said protestors, busting out his own gem: “I think we all as taxpayers -- those of us taxpayers, as opposed to you people back there -- are the ones that make this work."

Dude, what? Is the Republican Party (or Bush appointees, for that matter) so out of touch as to assume that Bay Area war protestors just kick it in Golden Gate Park all day long, drop acid, and play the lute while waiting to catch a glimpse of that up-and-coming songstress gal, Janis Joplin? While that sounds like groovy fun, most anti-war protestors are also shockingly responsible adults cum tax payers.

Fortunately, one of the protestors shot back with, “"Excuse me, I pay taxes!"

Also, do you that think they had swag bags available at the grand opening? Brimming with La Prairie samples and day-spa gift certificates? If so, why, we're just kicking ourselves for not attending.