Thanks to Sweet Melissa, watching the Board of Supes meeting today so we didn't have to (hey, did Michela Alioto-Pier clear her schedule out and make it in?), who reports the following from the public comment session:

At about 51:30, someone gets up and starts singing the Madonna song "Borderline" only with changed pro-Ed Jew lyrics to say "You just keep pushing Ed Jew's service over the borderline" - I s*** you not. I didn't get all the lyrics, but my friend who was actually in the gallery at the time (I was watching on my computer) said that that look of horror on Jew's face was priceless.

AAAAAAAH!! Can someone please please please upload this onto YouTube for us and send us the link??? (We can never get the streaming SFGov video to work on our computer, and we don't have a DVD-burning TiVo for the Channel 26 rebroadcast at 9 tonight.) We'll be your best friend forever!

Meanwhile, there's the original song above, without the pro Ed Jew lyrics.