We told you a few weeks ago about Platinum Studios' "American Idol"-style contest for comic creators, through which the winners will get a "multimedia development and publishing deal" based on their concept. At that time, we spoke to local guys Kevin Buckley and Marcus Thiele about their entry. We've just talked to another local writer/artist team with an entry in the Top 50: Navin Prasad and Chris Weiermiller.

Navin, the writer, describes their pitch as follows:

The graphic novel concept we've submitted to the contest is called Black Thursday, which chronicles young stockbroker Philip Broadwood's descent into madness and damnation as he searches the occult corners of 1929 London for his missing mentor during the Great Stock Market Crash. As the stock prices drop, so too do his chances of survival.

Let's see: occult? Period piece? Finance? Sounds like one of David Liss' "Benjamin Weaver" novels with a little Cthulu mixed in . . . . seriously, sign us up!

The duo took some time to answer three questions for us--after the jump, check out the guys' entry into and interest in comix, thoughts on living here in San Francisco (opium dens?) and what they're doing when not concentrating on craft.