Man, we were reading the Chron on the plane out of San Francisco on July 4 for vacation, balling our fists in frustration over missing the stories on Ed Jew's "part-time lover" response to the City Attorney's allegations AND the story about Aaron Peskin's zinger to Dianne Feinstein about her strange letter complaining about Chris Daly. No fair! (but thank you, SFist Jer, for covering it for us while we were gone!)

Well, even if we were out, it doesn't mean you were -- eagle-eyed commenter suckafree passed along the following intriguing link: . The DALY blog?? And not with an address...? Could it be.... Dare we hope....? YES! District 6's finest, Supervisor Chris Daly, has finally moved his online rantings and ravings to a non-city server (because he received a 46-page complaint (.pdf) from political ethics attorney to the stars Jim Sutton about it).

Click on to read Chris Daly's latest salvo to Gavin Newsom: in which Daly says Newsom "has problems thinking on his feet," says "dude can't even defend himself," and, most damningly, calls Newsom a "lightweight [even] during his heavy drinking days" and mocks his choice of fermented beverage. Yow! (Also, Daly makes fun of a typo in Dianne Feinstein's signature line in her letter to Peskin.)

And we've saved the best for last! Daly's turned on his comments function at his new site. Go and give Chris a piece of your mind! (either positive or negative.)