The Chron has the goods on Mr. Jew's lawyers' 138-page response to City Attorney Dennis Herrera's initiation of proceedings to remove Mr. Jew from his board of supes post. In a nutshell, Tapioca Ed's team is purporting that he kept part-time residence in his Sunset house, and slept there with "increasing frequency." Team Tapioca says that's good enough -- they think, as the Chron's piece says, that "it's intent, not actual days in a house, that legally determines a politician's official residence."

Also provided is a great slew of answers to all the questions (some of which we've heard before):
Q: Neighbors don't see Jew?
A: He's working hard! Leaving early, coming in late, spending weekends in Burlingame.
Q: No cable? No phone service? Minimal h20 bill? No garbage?
A: He likes his antenna-based TV! Only uses his cellie! Showers (as we've heard before) at his flower shop! Dumps his garbage there too!

Heck, we're satisfied!