We always thought that a story regarding an organization called "welovejam.com" would be NSFW.

No, this is actually pretty innocent. Delightfully so.

These two fellows, Eric Haeberli and Phineas Hoang, started an operation in the Santa Clara Valley with a very simple concept. See, there's apricot called the Blenheim that's been proclaimed to be endangered by Slow Food USA. The guys claim that, like most stuff that's hard to get, they taste better than the bulk of the apricots out there. The Blenheim's so fragile that it's not available in markets, and only rarely in farmer's markets. With such limited sales opportunities, farmers have no incentive to keep this perishable fruit in existence.

Riding to the rescue are Haeberli and Hoang, who are trying to preserve this flavor in the form of preserves. Jam. They make the Blenheim into jam. It's the only kind they make. They claim it's delicious. We don't have a hard time believing it.

They warn that "supplies are limited, with only about 3,000 jars to be made." They figure the more jam they sell, the more they can make -- and that increased demand will allow them to buy more fruit for the next batch, and perhaps help stave off the Blenheim's extinction.

So, anybody that's into rare-ish fruit, likes jam, has a spare $16, and perhaps isn't diabetic, check out the online store and grab some for yourself.