It's the Gay Pride Parade! Since you can't watch it on TV anymore anyways, just drag your sorry self out of bed and head anywhere on Market Street between the Embarcadero and Civic Center. Watching it on a webcast just won't be the same! The party goes on at Civic Center from noon to 6. $5 donation to get in.

Other events (are there really any other events besides Pride today?):

--Frameline's finishing up! Everything's at the Castro today, and you've got: short films, a French drama about a closeted man, and . $8 a movie.

--Contemporary classical music with SFSound at the ODC Theater, including an intriguing piece for ensemble and spotlight. $5, 8 p.m., ODC Theater (3153 17th, x S. Van Ness).

--World music at Stern Grove, with the Idain Raichel Project, a blend of Ethiopian and Middle Eastern sound. Free, 2 p.m. (but get there early for good lawn seats), 19th and Sloat.

--City Circus performs their acrobatic "I Hate You, A Love Story" at the Brava Theater. $12.50, 2 p.m., 2781 24th St. (x York).

Picture from Pride 2003 by blmurch off flickr.

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