--An ABC 7 blog doesn't think all this Chris Daly and Ed Jew stuff is funny! Of it's funny! [ABC 7's The Kitchen Think.]

--Thought today in the SFist comments were bad? It could always be worse. [Craigslist's SF Local Politics Discussion Forum.]

--The Guardian's got one take on the Newsom cocaine allegations, and the Weekly's got another. [SFBG Politics; The SF Weekly Snitch.]

--The World's Ugliest Dog contest starts tomorrow at the Sonoma-Marin Fair. Vote for your favorite online! [Sonoma-Marin Fair Ugliest Dog online voting site; via KTVU]

--Today's Skateboarding Day! [The Trib].

--A backdating stock option CEO gets busted by a surprise witness in court today. [Merc News]

--The search for the missing Alameda County woman and her friend the priest widens. [Chron].

Bring back the Oh No Ed Jew news! Here's the latest LOLJEW we've received from an awesome reader.