As discussed in the SFist Contributes tips page, what people heard in Ingleside Heights early yesterday morning was a mysterious car explosion. Witnesses saw a man park a car, get out of the car and into someone else's, and then the parked car burst into flames. Around 7:00 a.m, another car mysteriously exploded, this time in the Tenderloin at Ellis and Taylor. The two incidents aren't thought to be related -- but how weird.

Gimmi Rhoads-Haro, an animal hoarder, was caught in Marin with her two children (5 years old and 2), four cats, and a pit bull living in a filthy apartment. The neighbors called the authorities due to the "overpowering stench of urine" coming from the place. When the police gained entry into the house, the children were half-clothed, and walking barefoot on a carpet soaked with urine. Rhoads-Haro didn't take well to the raid, at one point telling the cops to "take a flying f*** on a rolling doughnut." Rhoads-Haro has a history with Marin -- as a child, her family's house in San Anselmo was considered so filthy it was declared a public health hazard, and she was arrested in 1990 for hoarding 56 animals.

And six people arrested and seven guns confiscated at the Fanatics Sports Bar at Cesar Chavez and Third Ave. early Sunday morning, as two cars exchanged gunfire. Witnesses said they saw gunfire coming from a Nissan SUV but when the cops arrived, the shots were coming from a 98 Jaguar. One man was shot but is expected to survive.

Picture off Flickr by kate at yr own risk.