Giants 4 Blue Jays 3- Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, the Giants won a game. And since winning a game means scoring runs (we looked it up in the rule book-- it's true),that means the Giants scored runs. Four of them, in fact-- some of them courtesy of Barry Bonds who actually hit a home run. The fact that the Giants finally won a game at the moment Barry started hitting again could be considered a coincidence, or it could be considered the maxim that proves the rule-- the Giants offense will only go as far as Barry does.

This was a pretty rough weekend for the Giants-- pretty rough few weeks, actually-- and Mudville has been on the ragingly pissed side lately. We caught the post-game show on Monday, after their 2-0 loss to the A's, and somebody even suggested castrating Sabean. Which, we think is a bit too much. Things were so bad McCovey Chronicles compared the Giants to the DRays and Ray Ratto compared them to a certain head of a certain character on a certain show of which we can't mention as it would be a spoiler (even though there's really nothing to spoil). And those were some of the nicer things said. As someone on the radio said after the A's game, when does football season start?