The City Attorney's gone through all the residency documents that beleaguered Burlingame boy and erstwhile supposed San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew provided last week, and ---- baaaaaaaaahmp -- (that's supposed to be a buzzer sound like when you guess something that's not on the board on Family Feud): the City Attorney has concluded that the documents currently on file are insufficient to demonstrate that Ed Jew lives in San Francisco. Oh no, Ed Jew!

Namely, of the documents that Tapioca Ed provided last week, the City Attorney did not receive: any tax returns from 2006, any phone bills from the SF residence, any cable bills from the SF residence, any information about magazine or newspaper subscriptions, or any information about the address for which the Jew family takes their homeowners' tax exemption. Hey, maybe Ed Jew 1) took an extension on his 2006 returns, 2) makes all calls on a cell phone, 3) reads the Chron online at work, and 4) got someone to tape the Sopranos finale for him last night!

The operative date by which Ed Jew is required to have lived in San Francisco is 30 days before filing to run for office, or July 12, 2006 (Jew filed on August 11, 2006. Can someone check our calendaring?) As for the operative date to prove up, Jew's got until Friday to give the City Attorney the rest of the documents and sit for an interview. As the deputy city attorney's letter sternly notes, "If your client is able to make statements to the press regarding the status of his residency, then we do not understand why he is unwilling to make statements on the record to this office." ABC 7 has a copy of the letter if you want to read it yourself.

Unrelated, but amusing: Leah Garchik points out that July 15 is National Tapioca Day. The 15th is also Respect Canada Day, for what it's worth.