You know who Kevin Rose is, right? He used to be on television quite a bit. Now, he's all over the podwaves, co-hosting, behind the scenes, and making guest appearances. And he's the founder and chief architect of a little operation called Digg., in all seriousness, is a very, very popular Web site that socializes news stories by allowing users to both submit and rank them. But, as you're on the Internet right now, you probably knew that.

Kevin strikes us as very smart, a hard worker, and a real hustler. What separates him from the pack is that his personality really shines through in all of his many ventures--and, simply put, he seems like a very likable guy. He was at the top of our "interesting locals to touch base with" list, and we were very appreciative that he took the time to answer three questions for us.

1) So, we know from being Diggnation listeners that you grew up in Vegas -- and you've been here in San Francisco for a little while now, right? How have you found it? What are some of the benefits of the Bay Area over your hometown? What are some of the things you miss?

I moved up to San Francisco in 2000. I love the weather, the laid-back people, the hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars – the city is an amazing place to live. As far as work goes, the Bay Area attracts the most creative and innovative people from around the world. There is no better place to be an entrepreneur.

The thing I miss about Vegas is being near my family.

2) At what point, if any, did it become conspicuous that Digg's growth/fame was bleeding into your normal social routine? Or, to put it more simply, how has your "Digg life" affected the rest of your life? I imagine it may even be hard to separate the two sometimes . . .