A's 2 Red Sox 0- Before we begin our recap, we'd like to give our condolences to Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson as it appears Kawen is no more. Or was that Ote? Eh, who knows. Anyways, the A's mojo once again kept on keeping on as they have now taken two straight from the Sox of Red, shutting out one of the best lineups in baseball. And, yes, they beat Dice K who, despite everything said on ESPN, is a mere mortal. The pitcher who outdueled him was Lenny DiNardo who pitched a three hitter. Now, you might be wondering who DiNardo is. Well, he was formerly of the Red Sox as of last year and has pitched in the A's bullpen this year. He is also not from New Jersey. But with all the injuries going around, DiNardo got the call to start games and in usual A's fashion, is now pitching better than anyone ever thought possible. Also in the good news column for A's fans is Eric Chavez once again going yard and possibly saying goodbye to his season long slump.

Diamondbacks 4 Giants 3- What has two thumbs and knew this game was over the moment the game headed for the ninth inning? Us! Cause bad things happen to the Gigantes in extra innings, even if Armando Benitez is elsewhere. The new Armando is Kevin Correia who has now given up walk-off homeruns in his last two appearances. Unlike Armando, however, Kevin looks like a perfectly nice guy who's having a really bad week. And speaking of really nice guys having a bad week or two, there's Matt Cain, once the darling of the staff and now the hard-luck head case of the team. Things just ain't right with Matt lo these past couple of weeks and one has to wonder whether the lack of offense he's gotten in the games he's pitched plus the Enchanter's usurpation of the role of franchise savior has gotten into his mind.