We're sure many of you received letters from Carole Migden, as did we. They serve as yet another medium for excusing her recent poor driving -- and offer up a short list of accomplishments, presumably to let her constituency know how horrible we'd have it without her.

Hurrumph. A note on the envelope makes it clear that this missive was not paid for out of taxpayer dollars or whatnot -- there's nothing out of bounds here, except perhaps the bounds of good sense. Anybody that gives a hoot is keeping up with this in the news. Anybody that cares already knows you've pledged to the DMV that you won't drive anymore, Senator. We're not sure we buy your excuse -- and we're certainly willing to keep our ears open as definitive news comes out -- but we found this letter extremely patronizing. We're not so easily manipulated.

We'll offer some unsolicited advice: when you're in a hole, stop digging.

All keeping your name in the news cycle does is help to dredge up weird stories about what a kook you are.