Los Gatos-based NetFlix has one of the greatest products around, and we give them a lot of leeway despite the company's annoying, ever-present pop-up ads.

The company just announced a summer concert series that attempts to mesh movies with music. We originally thought, "how cheesy." But then we decided we liked the idea -- more or less because it's so cheesy. Also, they're all free to the public. Unfortunately, none of the concerts are local -- but get a load of the line-up:

-- Dennis Quaid and The Sharks will play a show in New Orleans on Thursday, June 21, after which fans can see a showing of "The Big Easy."
-- The Bacon Brothers will perform in Baltimore on Sunday, July 15, after which "Diner" will be screened.
-- Finally, the Bruce Willis Blues Band will wrap up the series with concert at the Kennedy Space Center, which will be followed with one of Bruce's space-oriented movies, "Armageddon."

Bonus: Maria Menounos will serve as the host of all three shows.

Now THAT's convergence! And it seems pretty clever in a marketing sense for NetFlix. But, c'mon -- weren't Keanu and Dogstar available?