There's been much ado about the rather large sea dwellers that have recently visited our general area. On KQED's blog, we saw that Amy Miller, a coordinating producer for QUEST, posted about a recent show they've aired focusing on the smaller sea-dwelling visitors to our area.

She says:

Scoop a handful of critters out of the San Francisco Bay and you’ll find tourists from far away shores. Invasive kinds of mussels, fish and more are choking out native species, challenging experts around the state to change the human behavior that brings them here.

Intrigued? Check out the show online, whenever you want (or, if you prefer traditional TV, check your local listings).

There are some amazing things happening in our backyard. QUEST is a KQED series that takes a multimedia approach to covering them. Man, between this and Check Please!, KQED is shaping up to be our favorite channel.

Picture from the QUEST science blog