Mets 5 Giants 4- Man, we don't even want to talk about this game. In a tight, dramatic, overstuffed games that felt like a playoff game, the Giants finally took the lead in the 12th inning only to lose because Armando Benitez balked. Twice. Now, balk calls are extremely rare to begin with, but two in one inning? You can't come up with a bigger way in which a relief pitcher could blow a save-- a walk, two balks, and a home run—it's all on Armando. Sure, one of them was tickity, tickity, tack but Giants fans are pretty much grabbing pitchforks these days and we're pretty much grabbing a few too. His blowup ruined what would have been a nice little win as it featured another good start by Timmy, some clutch hitting by the kids, and a sparkling defensive gem by Omar and Kevin Fransden.

What a bad, bad, bad, bad way to lose a game.

Rangers 4 A's 0- Ron Washington got his first third victory over his ex as the Rangers shut out the A's. The A's only have themselves to blame as they gave up three unearned runs in the sixth. Also they were unable to score against the eminently beatable Mike Wood, he of a 7.02 ERA. The A's left nine on base and had bases loaded in the first but couldn't get anyone to bring anyone in.