It was time for the girls to meet Andy's family, which included his parents, his grandparents, and his sister. Because what's better than meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time, but meeting his ENTIRE FAMILY for at the same time. No pressure there!

Tessa was first, and she was all smiles. Andy's mom thought Tessa was very beautiful, and couldn't stop staring at her, and Andy's grandfather admitted he would have totally hit it if he had met her when he was Andy's age. Seriously. And, as was pointed out on "Best Week Ever," Andy's grandmother is, apparently, Don Imus.

Bevin was next, on the same day! (Tessa got lunch, Bevin got dinner.) Things got off to a rocky start when Bevin talked about a new project she's started at work, which involves studying sexual dysfunction in woman going through menopause. Andy's grandfather and Don Imus looked a little uncomfortable with that, but it was nothing compared to the looks they gave her when she told them she had been raised in the Baha'i faith. Bevin pondered if her being so liberal would go over well with Andy's relatively conservative family. But in the end, she seemed to go over as well as Tessa did. We could have done without Andy's grandfather talking about how it was obvious "Andy is turned on" by Bevin, though.