The current contribution to the mass spoon-feeding that is the summer blockbuster schedule is . Not as strong as the first film and far stronger than the second (which stunk like dead kraken), World’s End is 168 minutes of pee-inducing ocean battles.

Don’t think we’re hacking it; there's good in it too, in particular a slant towards pagan faiths that’s rather fascinating (if you can overcome the silliness with which it’s depicted) and a number of exciting hand to hand combats. We also found the political framework fairly clever and surprisingly under-explored. Local film blogger Nick Schager at Slant Magazine likened the introductory conflict to the Patriot Act. A row of shackled, (huddled masses) stand in line to be hung as baddie Lord Becket announces the suspension of their previously established rights.

Hmmm, what could that be a ham-handed metaphor about? As The Chronicle’s Mick La Salle says: “Wait. Does that mean if we like habeas corpus, we're supposed to like "Pirates 3," too?”

Overall, POTC: AWE is good to satisfy the 10-year-old boy in us (presuming we all have one inside us) and if you use the bathroom in advance and abstain from soda during, the 168 minutes will pass with only two or three glances at your watch. We like habeas corpus, though.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End