We enjoy visiting Charles Hodgkins' Web site, Burritoeater. Not necessarily for the opinions within his numerous reviews of taquerias (which can be a valuable resource), more because we just like his writing. He's got a funny, quirky style that, in our opinion, transcends simple food reviews. He obviously enjoys doing it, but doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. And, hey, his ratings system is based on 10 mustaches. That's just funny, as is the use of terms like "burstage abatement." Or check out his description of Papalote's burritos as "rendered with such mechanical consistency, some have wondered if there’s a mustachioed robot assembling them in an unseen corner of their tiny kitchen." Hee! We chatted briefly with Charles about his favorite food and another hobby of his, hiking:

1) So, you must eat a ton of burritos -- and you've been doing so since, what, about '03? How is it that you can still enjoy a burrito? Is it hard to be objective at this point?

Yeah, I started laying the groundwork for Burritoeater on New Year's Day, 2003. I went to Chino's on Balboa that day, and my word, was that burrito lame. Four mustaches! An inglorious start.

My friend Parker said to me one night at Taq. Can-cún last summer, You're so fair. So I guess objectivity's one of my strengths. It was awkward a few years ago to have my acknowledged favorite taqueria in town, Taq. San Francisco, pretty much give away the crown on the last night of the tournament. But they didn't deserve to win.

I never eat burritos on consecutive days, so I don't plan on hitting the wall anytime soon. I mean, I really enjoy burritos. Do you think I'd be pushing 500 reviews on Burritoeater if I didn't? I never think to myself as I'm heading to a taqueria, Good grief, not another burrito. The day that happens, I'll knock Burritoeater on the head, move to Montreal, start Poutineeater.com, and wait for the Expos to come back.

After the jump: we ask Charles about hiking and food/beverage pairings