The Examiner's on Bobagate! They've now found out Ed Jew, through his father, rents a building to a pot club, at 1545 Ocean. Hope those cannabis users have water.

Look at all these properties the Jew family owns too! 13 in San Francisco, 1 in Burlingame, and 4 in Arizona. Arizona? Is he running for supervisor there too?

In other property-related news, it turns out Tapioca Ed has also evicted an African immigrant couple's hot dog business from one of his buildings, over a weird subleasing transaction with a man who claimed to be Ed Jew's cousin. According to the couple, Jew was very distracted with the District 4 election at the time all this was happening and promised them everything was fine, but then evicted them at Christmas, about a month after the election. "He's a supervisor," said the wife. "He should stand up for me." Well, ma'am, do you own a bubble tea shop?

Picture of Ed Jew's pot shop by Cindy Chew, from the Examiner.