Migden held a tearful press conference with her long-term partner, criminal defense attorney Cris Arguedas where she detailed her battle with the disease and how she hid her treatments from the other legislators in Sacramento.

The Chron, doing its homework, contacted a number of oncologists, who said that while leukemia itself can cause mental disorientation like what Migden says she experienced on the scene of her accident(s) last week, the drugs Migden is taking aren't known to have any such side effects. One doctor noted that it was more likely that she had an enlarged liver or spleen (whose effect on driving skills was unstated). However, other doctors said it was possible the medication made her tired and easily distractable. Migden said she'd never experienced anything like that on the road in the 10 years before now.

The rival for Migden's seat in the upcoming election, Mark Leno, stated: "I'm heartened to learn that Sen. Migden is disease-free, I will be praying for her continued good health and well-being." That's nicer than his previous quote, which was that Migden's accident showed "a pattern of behavior of someone who believes she need not play by the rules," anyways.