You know we love the Chronicle around here at SFist -- where else would we get breaking news updates, steal pictures, and follow the lives of the Gettys and Trainas?

So we're still very much in shock about the news that they're going to be laying off 25% of their workforce. The reason given was that they can't make enough money in advertising and other sources to cover the cost of putting out the paper.

Love it or hate it, the Chron's really the only game in town -- so why aren't you buying ads/subscribing to the paper? Or are you? SFists Jeremy and Rita bandy this question about below.

SFist Jer: Please excuse the first-person singular. I personally know why I don't give the Chron my money -- I had a really crappy encounter with overzealous sales people more than seven years ago and I am still holding a grudge. Yes, I am that stubborn. No subscription to the print edition, no thank you, never.

Okay, I do enjoy some of the content, and would be happy to read the sfgate on a registration, ad-supported model. Not sure about paying for it -- maybe. I am addicted to Tim Goodman's column and blog, after all. More importantly, it's my perception that much of the problem at the paper is due to loss of classifieds from easy-to-use, and largely free, services like Craigslist. You know, if the Chron had an effective online version of its classifieds, I may well use them -- as a reader, and even as paying customer to place job ads or sell my comix/old stuff. But I won't pay for crappy navigation and I won't pay through the nose.

We are by no means experts -- but we know you guys can fill in the blanks and brainstorm. How would you save the San Francisco Chronicle? Does it merit being saved?

After the jump: SFist Rita on why she still loves the Chron -- and her thoughts on the content.