One report said that the cab of the big rig exploded with the driver trapped inside, and a rock from the debris flew up and shattered the windshield of another driver. The previous reports of a fatality seem to have been withdrawn, at least, which is good.

It sounds like they've got traffic moving again, at least. But it's going to be a bad drive home tonight, and we're wishing a speedy recovery to the injured drivers.

Update: The Merc News reports that this is the longest 101 has ever been closed in both directions for traffic. The SUV driver and her passenger are recovering in the hospital, and the truck driver and his passenger escaped unhurt. No one died. The truck was carrying cardboard and moving at about 55 mph in the slow lane when the driver lost control and hit the median. The driver had been with the trucking company for less than a month.

Picture from ABC 7