Hey, remember last Friday when State Senator Carole Migden got in a fender bender in Fairfield? It was the same day that Ed Jew's office got raided, so you might have forgotten.

So the original story was that Migden was lost, and took her eyes briefly off the road to make a cell phone call and hit someone's bumper. Not great, but sure, it happens. Well, now KTVU is reporting that the CHP is doing an investigation, because "minutes" before the accident, they received numerous calls that a person in an SUV was driving "erratically and recklessly" and imploring them to do something before the driver killed someone.

To wit: the callers reported seeing someone doing 80 and weaving in between lanes, while simultaneously reading and talking on a cell phone, and cutting people off. The driver was also reported having clipped the center median of the highway.

Guess who it was? Well, as Migden herself is now reported to have yelled at the other driver on the scene, "I'm a senator!" Oh dear. That number again? 1-800-TELL-CHP*.

*technically, you should call 911 if you see an erratic driver; 1-800-TELL-CHP is for non-emergency car-related matters.

Ironic picture of Carole Migden at a ceremony with CHP Commissioner Michael Brown, introducing car safety legislation.