Sex is good for you. So is wine. Oh, and chocolate.

We think most of know this on an instinctual level, but it's nice when experts back these suspicions up. Of course, the Taste 3 conference is attended by chefs, sommeliers, vintners, and others associated with finer dining, so it only makes sense that the crowd was told stuff they pretty much wanted to hear. The conference was held May 6-8 at the Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa.

The article in the Napa Valley Register cites Dr. Georges Halpern, who is a professor of pharmaceutical science at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, as saying, “we need pleasure not just to be happy but to be healthy.” The article also quotes him as saying that sex is good exercise, and you should indulge 1-2 times a week, minimum.

(Hey, doc -- it's not always a personal choice.)

Another attendee, Dr. Roger Corder, who is a professor of experimental therapeutics at London’s William Harvey Research Institute, says that “half a bottle of wine a day might keep the doctor away.” He's actually got a book pending called "The Wine Diet." Sign us up.

Ahh, more science we can love. If only they'd affirm our "unified theory of bourbon."

Can we attend this thing next year? Please? Holding our breath for July 17-19, 2008.