Total number of people pictured in this week's Swells society column: 65.

Total number of people pictured whom we recognize: 9 (including George Shultz, Dianne Feinstein's husband, and Spike Lee).

Minority count: 6 (9.2%).

Getty v. Traina: 2-2. Gavin holds down the fort for both points scored by Team Getty.

Years between visits with Queen Elizabeth for Charlotte Maillard Shultz: 24. "She absolutely radiates like a queen," Ms. Maillard Shultz raves to Swells.

Percentage of jokes we found amusing by Robin Williams at the SFIFF party: 0. (e.g.: "Marin -- a old Spanish word for white people." Har! "John Lasseter is wearing colors even a clown would think were too much." Har! It continues.)

Number of animal prints pictured: 18 (including the spots on the owl). It was an animal-print themed party for the zoo.

Number of animal prints sported by Supervisor Sean Elsbernd: 0, unless he's wearing animal-print pants.

Number of hats that appear to have a flamingo coming out of them: 1 (in the background of the last picture).

Picture by Drew Altizer.