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First question, what exactly is Muni Security

MUNI security detail entails:

There are a bunch of SFPD "assigned to Muni (officers, TSA K9 and a SGT). These guys are supposed to handle any criminal matters on MUNI. MUNI pays 1.8 million a year for these guys (who don't do much).

MTAP - Muni Transit Assistant Program personnel. These guys are from the program for kids from the lower income areas, to give them skills. 3 year maximum term limits, 4 supervisors and overseen by a manager. They work mostly with the various projects/ communites and the "high risk" schools-- as a go between AND along various bus lines to help educate "no rear door boarding." Mostly the 14 mission line.

Fare inspectors- these guys handle the proof of payment enforcement with Supervisors. They ride the trains (only) and issue citations as necessary. Supposed to have up to 64 fare inspectors soon. 9 new inspectors are in training now. The new inspectors have one, maybe two more weeks on their field training and they'll be cut loose.

King Security the contract company that provides for physical security at the bus and rail yards at night. The entire security program (other than for SFPD) is to be eyes and ears for the SFPD.