Hey check THIS out. Tryouts for MTV's are nigh. You guys have until Monday, May 7th to see if you'll be the next to fill the shoes of Pedro, Puck, or Judd . . . and subsequently appear on all sorts of weird competitions where you fight people from other MTV shows.

Ah, memories of that awesome third season, when it was here. Gosh, was that really 13 years ago that Pam met Judd? That Puck put his "snot rockets" in Pedro's peanut butter? That someone called "Jo" showed up to replace Puck mid-season? That Mohammed used incense to "cleanse the bad vibes" away when Puck left? And why the hell do we remember all this?

We haven't watched the show regularly since, only catching an episode here and there, but somehow we doubt a new version can live up to the lightning-in-a-bottle that was season three: the unique combination of the Pedro's poingnant struggle and activism with the high comedy of Puck's over-the-top persona and poor hygiene . . .

Then again, if anyone can be as compelling a reality TV star as Pedro or Puck, we'd place money that it'd be one of our SFist commenters. Yes, Anonymous, I'm talking to you.

writer's note: edited from previous version due to severe lack of reading comprehension--the host city isn't specified.

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