On Monday's show, Conan did a little video bit where he spent the day traveling around the city showing off the city's sites. We looked and looked and looked for it but couldn't find it anywhere. Finally, today, we found a version of it on YouTube.

Come on YouTuber's, it's been days before this video aired!

Anyways, it's in two parts. The part we posted, the second part, is probably the better part of the two as it features a special guest appearance (several, actually). If you want to see the first part, which is also good, click here.

Surprisingly, Gavin is in neither as for whatever reason, he appears to be too busy to do anything Conan related this week. One wonders if perhaps Conan's jokes at his expense ('the Mayor sent me a bouquet of flowers and when I thanked him, he said it was for my wife...") didn't go over to well at City Hall.