Our friends to the south have come under some uncomfortable scrutiny lately for all the toxic junk they dump into landfills. Greenpeace in particular has been pretty critical of Apple's use of mercury and poisonous fire retardants -- substances from which other computer companies have been moving away. Well, good news, greenies: Apple is oh so gradually cleaning up its act.

Goodbye, lead! Goodbye, arsenic! Goodbye, decabromodiphenyl ether (coincidentally, our drag name)! In a long and technically-dense-to-most-people statement on their website, Apple frankly laid out its plans for greening itself up, with fewer toxins and more recycling. Yay!

This doesn't totally save the Earth, though: Greenpeace points out that recycling isn't available in any country other than the USA. (There's countries?) Hmm, who can tackle that challenge to the environment? Maybe Critical Mass, if they're not too busy ending oil wars by forcing hundreds of cars to idle at intersections for ten minutes. Ha ha ha, just kidding! We love you, CM.