Drew Altizer does it again! Here's his pictures from Friday's annual SF zoo fundraiser, ZooFest, featuring special guest Tippi Hedren, star of Hitchcock's and mother to Melanie Griffith. Also, some pictures of Chris O'Donnell, who also supports the SF Zoo. (Alas, no pictures of noted SF Zoo eagle parent Stephen Colbert.)

The theme for ZooFest this year was "It's a Jungle Out There," as the zoo opened up the Sloat Street entrance for the evening, with dinner, dancing, and a live auction for such goodies as naming rights for new baby jaguar cubs and a party in the giraffe lounge. Nothing says parties like giraffes!

Hedren is pictured above with zoo director Manuel Mollinedo above. Chris O'Donnell is after the jump. Thanks for passing these along, Drew!

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