Update: 11:45 a.m.: Here's your roads: W-80 to S-880 is closed (from Berkeley to the Oakland airport). E-80 to E-580 is closed (from SF to Lake Merritt and Piedmont). Alternate routes: BART or AC Transit. From SF, you could take S-880, surface streets to downtown Oakland and get on W-980 to get onto the intact sections of S-580. Or you could just take BART or AC Transit. Did we mention you should take BART or AC Transit?

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.....What the hell? We woke up this morning and found out that part of the Macarthur Maze has collapsed. What the HELL? We thought it was going to be an easy Sunday morning of Swells by the Numbers and the crossword puzzle!

On the bright side, no one was injured, not even the driver whose tanker filled with gasoline exploded at around 3:40 a.m. Sunday morning. (He got out safely, suffered second degree burns, and called a cab to take him to the hospital). On the down side (and this is a very down side), one section of the eastbound 580 to 80 bridges (on the IKEA side) has collapsed, and other maze bridges may collapse later today as well.

The truck exploded on the westbound 80 to southbound 880 interchange, and the heat caused the bridge above it (Bay Bridge to E-580) to collapse in on itself. There's some horrific-looking videos and pictures online that we don't have the stamina to look at just yet. There's a map here (IKEA is at the top).

Yes, traffic is going to be a nightmare. They'll be increasing BART and AC Transit service in the immediate future (take heed, folks heading out to today's A's and Warriors games), and Caltrans is estimating that repairs will take months. This is going to be the worst transbay transportation problem since the 89 quake.

Picture by Thomas Hawk off Flickr.