* For the 49ers,

Shut up. Listen, picking a wide receiver high in the draft simply does not pay dividends by nature of the position. You've got the rare Larry Fitzgerald, and the example of the 7th round pick success Marques Colston, but the story of the first round-drafted WR is one that in most cases traffics in failure and pain. Like Jawbreaker, Leonard Cohen, or AFI.

Hang on, I'm going to hurt you now:

Rashaun Woods, the 49er first round draft pick of 2004. We're sorry we had to bring that up.

No, the thing that could help the Niners the most would be to expend their eleventh overall 2007 first round draft pick on a defensive lineman. Albeit one not named Alan Branch. Sorry, dewd.

The d-line was manhandled last year, what with guys playing out of position, and this weakness trickled down through the entire defense's effectiveness.

Ideal for the Niners to pick up would be young DL Amobi Okoye or the hard-driving DE Adam Carriker. But not DT Alan Branch -- he has too many character questions. And we've already had a Reggie McGrew DT bust. No; no more of that, thank you.

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