The cop in question is San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks. Munks and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos were both caught up in a police sweep of a bunch of brothels right outside of Vegas. They were not arrested, as the sweep was mainly to go after the all the people who worked there.

Munks said he thought it was just a "legitimate business" and that all he wanted was a "massage" because he had just run a relay. And we all know, places that say "massage" are usually just that-- massage parlors. Although, the Las Vegas police department did happen to note that none of the places they raided actually advertised themselves as massage parlors. Hmmmm.... maybe Munks found it on Craigslist?

As for what will happen next, nobody is quite sure. Munks was elected Sheriff and sworn in this year. There is no law in San Mateo about getting rid of sheriffs except through elections. Then there's the question of leading an investigation, which could happen except the person who would sign off on those things is Munks. There's also the matter of if anything could be investigated because Munks was not charged with anything.

Regardless, Munks has apologized to pretty much everyone and has taken the bullet for Bolanos by saying he was outside the whole time.