Anyways, die to recent troubles at two clubs, the Entertainment Commission is looking at possible solutions to the problems. One of them is to have better and more educated owners. The other? Later closing times!

Needless to say, we give an official SFist Stamp of Approval behind this. Not that we stay out in bars til late.

The two clubs in trouble are the Zebra Lounge where a Sheriff's Deputy was punched while trying to control a crowd outside of the club. The other one is Club Six in SoMa as they keep on getting cited for noise violations. Not included in the list but is definitely an issue is all the drunken mayhem in North Beach that is apparently getting out of hand.

Now the reasons being mentioned for all the troubles, not just with those clubs but with others, is the unruly crowds of drunks who all leave the bar at 2. So the thinking is that if the bars and close at 4, there'll be less drunken mayhem. According to studies, people are drunker at 2 than at 4. At 2, people are still pretty buzzed, we guess.

There was actually a movement afoot way back in 2004 with Mark Leno and a bunch of Stanford Students leading the way. Leno proposed a measure that would make closing time at 4 in certain, mostly urban areas. The measure got support from our Supervisors who also thought it was a good idea. Naturally, it didn't quite pass. Thus the current conundrum.