We're not sure how this will work out, though, because according to police records, Dwyer admitted to kicking one of the Yalies but is now pleading the opposite. Not to go with "the Wire" again, but maybe he pulled a Wee-Bey and took the hit for everyone else in his gang? Richard Aicardi's lawyer told the court that "just because somebody loses in a fight, it doesn't tell you who's responsible for the fight, who instigated the fight, or who started the fight." In other words, those darn Yalies are merely whining because they lost the fight. And in containing with our HBO theme, maybe the Yalies could get their revenge for losing the fight by sending Aicardi and Dwyer up to Quebec to whack somebody? Dwyer's lawyer also added "since when do 15 young men, college friends together, beg to not be involved in a fight..." Ummm....all the time?

The case will once again be taken up in court sometime next month.