We love when bus riders catch Muni meltdowns in any format -- on tape, photos, or screengrabs. Seriously, it makes us giddy. But one reader pointed out yesterday that screengrabbing isn't an immediately intuitive skill, so here's some instructions for getting a good shot of the NextMuni map.

On a Mac, you can save the screen to the desktop by hitting Shift-Apple-3. (Also known as Shift-Command-3, or Shift-Swedish-Campground-3 ... why does Apple have three different names for the same button?) Or you can save just a selected area by hitting Shift-Apple-4.

On a PC, we can never remember how to take a screengrab. We know that some combination of buttons involving the "Print Screen" button causes the current display to be fed into the clipboard, which you can then paste into MSPaint and then save. But we'll be damned if we can remember what that combination is. Just mash 'em all until the computer does something similar to what you wanted (which is the general workflow for any task on a PC). We've had luck with an app called Screenshot Captor which is incredibly difficult to use but yields useful results once you've figured it out.

After the jump: Advanced screengrab techniques! We teach you how to make an animated NextMuni movie like the one above.