What will dog owners do now?

Currently, the little plastic bags aren't biodegradable but can be recycled-- it's just that it's really hard to get them recycled. Or, at least this is true of Chron as we don't know how it works with other papers, some local, some not. It would be interesting, for example, to see what the mighty NY Times would do if this all comes to pass.

Mirkarimi adds that in the coming months he hopes to study how many paper bags are generated by other things that aren't grocery stores and pharmacies (fun!) and then make some decisions about what else to ban. That includes restaurants, among other things.

Oh, remember what we said about most people being on board? William Saletan gives it a thumbs up on Slate.com and Wonkette sort of does too. Or at least doesn't snark on it. We can't, however, say it's true of the commentor who writes:

"As a native San Franciscian, I'm just glad that I'll still be able to get plastic bags at the small, all-organic, vegan, wiccan grocery store across from my apartment to carry the smug sense of self-satisfaction all the way back to my kitchen because paper just won't do.