Man, we can't believe Team Newsom scheduled Third Fake Question Time at the last minute like that -- your Political Junkie is out on vacation so we can't make it to the Cesar Chavez Elementary School on Monday the 26th at 6 p.m. to discuss health care with the residents of District 9. (825 Shotwell (between South Van Ness and Folsom, cross street 22nd). Man, and we were hoping to see Jennifer Siebel again.

Is anyone going to be able to make this on such short notice? Well, if you do, wanna cover it for SFist? Send your pictures and write-ups to and SFist Jon will pick out the choicest morsels for everyone to see! Whether you're pro-Newsom, pro-Proposition I, pro-stirring stuff up, or just pro-writing questions down on index cards, we're looking forward to hearing your reports from the town hall. (And this correspondent will definitely be reading what you have to say from an overpriced Internet cafe in some faraway foreign land!)

Picture of Gavin from the Second Fake Question Time.